SiliconSpirit: People, Process, Technology

From concept to delivery, Silicon Spirit provides a lifecycle approach for developing enterprise applications that support the end to end business processes of State and Federal agencies. You can overcome the chaos in software and systems development by combining Silicon Spirit's proven best practices, superior delivery record, and services that assure success.

Meet E-Gov Initiatives

Being a part of state and federal Agencies, you are continuously striving to deploy more "citizen centric" solutions. Inter and Intra Agency interoperability will be the key to your success. Silicon Spirit can provide right sized technical solutions tailored your needs and budget using our SOA web services practice.

Manage by Performance Goals

You know that the push towards performance based contracting is real. With our reliable record of on time delivery we can implement your projects at fixed cost or T&M. We are prepared to help you develop business cases, measurement criteria, and ROI analyses. Our unique approach of blending people, process, and technology will assure that your performance goals are met.

Reduce Your Risks

As a stakeholder responsible for government systems, you know that risk can make the difference between a project's success and failure. Successful projects start with a proven process, a set of best practices, and an integrated solution. Silicon Spirit provides project jumpstart based on best practices for Software. In addition to its proven processware and staff, Silicon Spirit professional services brings with it an unparalleled record of on-time delivery .

Manage Systems Complexity

Systems complexity increases as modern technology progresses. Understanding all the business aspects of systems as well as the technical pieces can become an overwhelming task. To better manage these elaborate systems within and across other organizations and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO), enterprise architectures become increasingly necessary. Silicon Spirit's approach to building solid enterprise architectures includes a comprehensive but efficient approach that has been battle tested over a decade. Our process and practice increase understanding, communication, and traceability of your systems.

Ensure Quality and Compliance

Government standards impose a variety of compliance and quality requirements on the systems you build. Validating and verifying the quality of your systems, as well as compliance with standards, means additional testing and reporting of results. You can ensure quality throughout your development program by tracing requirements and use cases to test cases. Our CMM/CMMI preparation services provide cross checks and integration points between all facets of the development process.

To see how we can help you balance people, process, and technology to meet your IT commitments, please read the following case study...


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